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Snowmobile Club - New Lisbon, WI

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History Of The NLWW

patchA group of snowmobile enthusiasts from the New Lisbon area gathered on September 10, 1970 for an organizational meeting. The purpose was to determine if there was enough interest to start a snowmobile club. Officers were promptly elected, President, Shirrell Murphy, Vice-President, Snuffy Clark, Secretary, Helen Walker, Treasurer, Gary Robinson, Safety Officers, Curt Kimball, Bob Fish, and Jerry Bond. Dues were set at $5.00 per family and $3.00 for an individual. The next meeting was set for September 24, 1970 and the Winter Wanderers Snowmobile Club was officially born! Tommy Thompson (a lawyer) handled the Articles of Incorporation while he was working for the law offices of Wallace A. Brady of Elroy.

Club Members Enjoying Our Trails:


A Little About Our Radar Run:

Our clubs annual Radar Run on Castle Rock Lake is our biggest fundraiser of the year. A portion of the proceeds from the event go to our annual scholarship fund along with funding equipment and trail maintenance, events for Club members and Land Owners.

The classes included Stock un-studded, Stock studded, Improved Stock, Pro Stock, Mod and Vintage. Trophies were awarded for 1st and 2nd place in all classes. Speeds are recorded with a Port-A-Tree timing system.


Our track is a great "real world" testing track for NSSR guys.


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